The Support for Asylum Seekers in Ireland Research Project is part of a doctoral study based in the Department of Sociology, Trinity College Dublin.  The study aims to gain an overview of the field of organisations that support Ireland’s asylum seekers.  In addition, we hope to gain insight into the kinds of relationships that thrive between organisations.  On this site, you will find information about the study, as well as the SASI Directory.  All organisations that support Ireland’s asylum seekers are welcome to appear in the SASI directory.

The research will have two phases — the first one is the survey which was completed in 2013.  The survey helped us get a bird’s eye view of the field and build the SASI Directory. The results report is available here.  The survey addressed three main research questions:

  • What types of organisations tend to work together?
  • How is the field affected by the recession and the decrease in asylum applications?
  • To what extent do asylum seekers participate in the field?

Following the first phase of research, we hope to follow up with case studies.  In this phase, we’ll be using qualitative interviews to allow people on the ground to share in-depth perspectives on the relationships that support their work.

This research project is supported by the Irish Research Council.