Campaign to End Institutional Living – National Day of Action

Yesterday saw a lot of activity in support of asylum seekers.  Asylum seekers, concerned citizens, organisations, politicians, and academics were out standing, walking, and chanting side-by-side in events across the country.  There was plenty of news coverage, and the Human Rights in Ireland blog featured a new post every hour from guest writers, including personal accounts from residents of direct provision centres.

I’ve collected the coverage I could find below.  If there’s anything I’ve missed, please feel free to email me at sasi.ireland (at) gmail (dot) com.  I haven’t got any photos from Tralee or Galway yet.

And if you’d still like to take part in the campaign, you can sign the petition to end direct provision (available until June 20) or, if you live in Cork, you can take part in the email campaign to Kathleen Lynch TD and David Stanton TD.