From Concept to Reality: SMARTSlot® Proven in Operational Trials

Step into the realm of validation – where SMARTSlot® transforms from concept to reality through rigorous proof-of-concept testing on operational flights. Explore the trials that laid the foundation for SMARTSlot®success.

The Dublin-Gatwick route became the canvas for SMARTSlot® proof-of-concept testing. With the generous support of industry leaders Aer Lingus and Gatwick Airport, along with the Irish Aviation Authority DFS Gatwick and NATS, SMARTSlot® showcased its transformative capabilities. The trials were not just successful; they were a resounding triumph, demonstrating the potential to revolutionise air traffic flow management.

Key stakeholders played a pivotal role in the success of SMARTSlot®. The CEOs of Aer Lingus and Gatwick Airport lent their support, nominating senior staff to both co-ordinate and participate in the proof-of-concept trials. Their endorsement solidified the effectiveness of SMARTSlot® and laid the groundwork for further testing and refinement.

Taking innovation to an international stage, SMARTSlot® conducted extensive trials in Japan, collaborating with JetStar Japan. The trials involved 550 operational flights between Narita and Fukuoka airports, showcasing the adaptability and real-world effectiveness of SMARTSlot® in diverse aviation environments.

The proof-of-concept testing wasn’t just a checkbox; it was a journey that yielded proven outcomes and tangible results. SMARTSlot® showcased its ability to reduce holding times, enhance efficiency, and contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions during the approach phase.

Join us in celebrating the success of SMARTSlot® in proof-of-concept testing. The trials weren’t just a validation; they were the launchpad for a transformative solution that is reshaping the future of air traffic management.

From Testing to Tangible Success: SMARTSlot® MVP in Action

Witness the evolution of SMARTSlot® from concept to reality as we delve into the testing phase, where the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) took center stage. Explore how the MVP validated SMARTSlot® potential and laid the initial groundwork for its widespread adoption.

The MVP wasn’t just a concept; it was a tangible realisation of SMARTSlot® innovation. As the Minimum Viable Product, it marked a crucial step in the journey from theory to practical, showcasing the feasibility and effectiveness of SMARTSlot® in real-world operational scenarios.

Operational flights became the proving ground for the SMARTSlot® MVP. Collaborating with industry leaders like Aer Lingus and JetStar Japan, SMARTSlot® validated its capabilities through a series of flights that demonstrated efficiency, predictability, and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

During testing, the MVP successfully integrated with (for the trial) manual inputs for air traffic control. This strategic approach ensured a smooth transition, allowing us to showcase the benefits of SMARTSlot® without requiring extensive technical support, laying the foundation for future automated integration.

The MVP testing phase wasn’t just about the present; it was a pathway to the future. While the MVP demonstrated success with manual inputs, our ongoing development focuses on finalising a seamless link with air traffic control for full automation, taking SMARTSlot® to the next level of operational excellence.

Beyond Borders: SMARTSlot® Shines in Extensive Japan Trials

Experience the global impact of SMARTSlot® as it ventures beyond borders, conducting extensive trials in Japan. Explore the trials that validated SMARTSlot®adaptability and effectiveness on an international stage.

SMARTSlot®embarked on a collaborative journey with JetStar Japan, conducting trials on 550 operational flights between Narita and Fukuoka airports. The trials were a testament to the ability of SMARTSlot® to integrate seamlessly into diverse aviation environments and deliver results that transcended geographical boundaries.

The collaboration with JetStar Japan not only showcased SMARTSlot® capabilities but also gained international endorsement. The trials highlighted SMARTSlot® adaptability, efficiency, and ability to reduce CO2 emissions, earning recognition on an international scale.

The Japan trials weren’t just about numbers; they were about real-world adaptability. SMARTSlot® demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse operational settings, proving that its benefits are not confined by borders but are universally applicable.

The trials in Japan provided invaluable insights, leveraging global perspectives to enhance the SMARTSlot®capabilities. The collaboration with JetStar Japan reinforced SMARTSlot®position as a solution designed for the international aviation landscape.

Explore how SMARTSlot®transcended geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the aviation industry through collaborative trials in Japan. The trials weren’t just international; they were a testament to the global potential of SMARTSlot®.